Cyber SMART is a collaborative industry/university cyber research center at Georgetown University. The center was established in 2019 in response to industry demand for a new approach.  By combining computer science with related social, economic, behavioral and cognitive sciences, Cyber SMART is able to the produce new Fintech and related cyber research, education and training necessary to address the consequences of major market transformation by asset holdings. Fintech, the new cyber technology that reforms and automates the development and delivery of financial products and services, is a core competency of the center.  It is important to note, however, that Fintech’s applications extend beyond the banking and finance sector to closely related sectors like insurance, manufacturing and trade that are also undergoing similar fundamental change; and to security, and fraud detection and prevention.  These areas and others such as communications and energy, that are on the horizon for major change, are also served by the Center.

Cyber SMART engages faculty and students from all relevant disciplines from across the Cyber SMART network, to work with public and private sector organizations to produce collaborative cross-discipline fintech and related cyber research, training and education. By taking a holistic approach the center addresses the shortcomings research, education and training that typically focuses on computer science without adequate consideration of all factors. Instead, the Center has the expertise fully assess all the issues to produce solutions that are legally and operationally effective from the outset. The Center’s name reflects this multidisciplinary approach and the five core elements covered in all its research:  Science, Management, Application/s, Regulation, and Training.