Research Focus

Cyber SMART Research Focus

The present focus of planned research projects at Cyber SMART at Georgetown University reflects current emergent cyber developments and industry need. Currently the focus is on system and data security, cryptography and cryptographic protocols, blockchain technology, and communications; and Georgetown’s international cross-discipline expertise in cyber law, policy and regulation, and management especially in relation to smart contracts and supply chains. These areas build on Georgetown University’s well-established reputation for cross-discipline research in communications and security.
New research focus in communications is driven by industry need incudes robo call detection, measurement and behavioral issues that inform system design. The other major focus at Cyber SMART at Georgetown that is also the result of industry need, is the application of blockchain technology to financial services. The financial sector internationally, especially in Japan, is leading in its adoption of this new technology and its application to a range of new financial products. This segment is a key supporter of Cyber SMART at Georgetown.

While the financial sector is a present focus of research, other industry segments are exploring the use of blockchain technology, the need for comprehensive research on the security and privacy of cross border data flows, secure communications particularly in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT), and growing national and international issues around digital identity and know-your-customer protocols. Cyber SMART at Georgetown is also attracting other emerging industry segments such as the international insurance segment which is one of the early movers. However, organizations in many sectors both nationally and internationally are interested in these areas and need research at the intersection of computer science, law, regulation, business management, and economics especially in risk analysis and assessment of the impact of regulation, digital identity protocols, and know-your-customer requirements as part international anti-money laundering requirements. These are all areas where Georgetown is a pioneer in cross-discipline research.