Cost, Standards & Procedures

Cyber SMART Standards and Procedures

Cyber SMART adheres to the highest standards of integrity in its research and education programs. Cyber SMART follows the rigorous academic standards and protocols and the conflict reporting procedures required by Georgetown University as well as following the requirements of the NSF’s IUCRC program.
The Cyber SMART Affiliation Agreement follows the requirements mandated by the NSF for the IUCRC program. As required by that program, the Affiliation Agreement is standard and its core terms are not negotiable, but you will see that the agreement is very straightforward and fair, and designed to foster high-quality collaborative industry/ University research and innovation. The NSF IUCRC program has been in existence for over 35 years and in that time over 1,100 companies have signed this basic agreement, including those which are now affiliates of Cyber SMART.

As mandated by the NSF, all Cyber SMART Sites at other educational institutions use the same agreement, to facilitate cross-site collaboration, where required.
The agreement specifies the levels of membership and financial commitment:
• $100,000 min for a Double Full membership,
• $50,000 min for a Full membership,
• $5,000 min for an Associate Affiliate membership.

The center reserves Associate Affiliate memberships for small businesses and non-profits that meet the profile (revenue and number of employees) of the corresponding small business category.
All Affiliates are entitled to be part of the IAB, with full member having commensurate voting rights that set the research direction of Cyber SMART. Participation is voluntary but most affiliates actively participate. The Cyber SMART Affiliate Agreement sets out Industry Advisory Board (IAB) participation and voting rights associated with each membership level and the rights that researchers, Affiliates, and universities have in relation to all products and inventions resulting from Cyber SMART projects and publication procedures. The intellectual property policy is in accordance with the Bayh-Dole Act. A non-exclusive, royalty-free license to all intellectual property developed by the center is available to Full Affiliates during the Double or Full member’s membership in the center. Exclusive licensing is available as outlined in the Affiliation Agreement and By-laws.

The Cyber SMART By-laws set out the agreed arrangements for the Cyber SMART research center at Georgetown and existing and future sites, arrangements for research proposal cultivation, research project selection, funding, project monitoring, and reporting – all in accordance with NSF IUCRC requirements.

The Cyber SMART Operating Procedures detail the agreed process for research project proposals including initial selection of proposals; the process for project funding; the documents the project lead, the Principal Investigator (PI) must complete; the requirement for project presentation to the IAB; IAB assessment and review including project assessment criteria, voting, and requirements for project selection; and the process for on-going monitoring and reporting, including at project completion.

Wherever possible, Cyber SMART encourages students and more junior members of the research team (with the PI or a senior member of the team in attendance) to participate in the presentation and discussion of the proposed research project and progress reviews of research projects that are underway.

It is Cyber SMART policy to encourage two or more Affiliates to collaborate to fund new projects, when feasible. As new Cyber SMART sites join the network, the center will encourage cross-site industry funding.