Cost, Standards & Procedures

Cyber SMART Standards and Procedures

Cyber SMART adheres to the highest standards of integrity in its research and education programs. Cyber SMART follows the rigorous academic standards and protocols and the conflict reporting procedures required by Georgetown University and its affiliated universities, as well as following the requirements of the NSF’s IUCRC program.
The current Cyber SMART Agreement follows the requirements mandated by the NSF for the IUCRC program and sets out current membership costs and procedures. Next year this agreement will be replaced by a new standard agreement as mandated by the NSF as part of changes made to the NSF IUCRC program in 2020. As required by that program, the terms of both the current Cyber SMART Agreement and the new Agreement contain standard requirements of the NSF for the IUCRC program and as such, the core terms are not negotiable. However, both the existing and new agreement are in substantially the same terms; and are very straightforward and fair, and designed to foster high-quality collaborative industry/ University research and training. The NSF IUCRC program has been in existence for over 35 years and in that time over 1,100 companies have signed this basic agreement.