University Partner Sites

Cyber SMART Sites

Stevens Institute of Technology (Stevens) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) wish to join the network as new Cyber SMART sites in 2020, bringing additional Fintech technical competencies that add to, and complement, Georgetown ’s expertise.

Stevens’ expertise in fundamental blockchain technology pairs perfectly with Georgetown’s focus on new blockchain applications; and Stevens also brings well-known core competency in financial technology research, particularly in Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing, trust modeling, cybersecurity, and cloud computing as they apply new Fintech applications in healthcare finance, insurance, and financial planning. Stevens will draw on Georgetown’s experience in research for the international sector as the market leader, to broaden Cyber SMART’s relevance to U.S. banks and financial services organizations.

In-line with the multi-discipline approach of Cyber SMART, RPI will bring a cross-discipline approach to Fintech research through RPI’s focus is on risks and advances in financial technologies, specifically development and evaluation of technology innovations and their applications to financial services. RPI’s expertise in construction of complete economic value chains, to assess the full economic impact of technical innovations and their underlying risks, adds important new perspective. This expertise extends the technical computer science expertise of Stevens; and adds to, and complements, the cross- discipline research competencies of Georgetown.

Georgetown, Stevens and RPI have identified a number of planned and envisioned research projects at each of the sites where collaboration between their researchers will add new perspective and insights of importance to cyber research and of value to affiliates. There are already a number of envisioned cross-discipline projects that involve more than one site, that are of immediate interest to prospective affiliates.

In addition to Stevens and RPI, a number of other universities from across the U.S. and internationally want to join Cyber SMART. We are discussing their participation now. The Cyber SMART Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sets out the basic elements to be agreed by any educational institution seeking to join the Cyber SMART network.