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The University of Notre Dame is  planning to join Cyber SMART in 2021.

Notre Dame brings complimentary blockchain expertise that focuses on supply chains, decentralized identities for establishing self-sovereign identity, and verifiable credentials for datasets or physical assets. This is supplemented by AI expertise that covers human biometrics, machine learning, biologically-inspired algorithms, media forensics, and the digital humanities. Notre Dame also brings important expertise data security and privacy that spans multiple areas, from data science research to traditional security research which links to digital forensics, and the partnership with the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office Cyber Crimes Unit in Indiana in which full-time law enforcement officers work with students on analysis for real criminal cases. A partnership has also begun with the FBI that enhances investigative, research, and educational objectives.

Working together, Georgetown, and Notre Dame have developed a number of research projects where collaboration between their researchers adds new perspective and insight of importance to fintech and related cyber research and training; and enhances the value of the research to Cyber SMART to members and affiliates. These project presentations are available with password to members and invited industry and government organizations and the subsequent research meeting is also available with password to members and invitees. Requests for access should be sent to

Other interested universities from across the U.S. and internationally have also expressed interest in joining Cyber SMART. We are discussing their participation now.